Alpha Rho Chi
Satyros Chapter


The Satyros Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi has concluded recruitment for this semester. However, be sure to check back here or our other online sites for special events throughout the semester. If you are interested in joining in the Spring or have any questions please feel free to contact us by email at, Facebook, or phone at (480)734-9963.

What is Alpha Rho Chi?

The Creative Kings and Queens of Campus

In 1914 architecture students from the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois combined forces to form a national organization that would further their professional education. Resulting in the formation of Alpha Rho Chi. Alpha Rho Chi derived its name from the first three letters of the Greek spelling of the word "architecture"—alpha (A), rho (P) and chi (X). Our chapters across the country have repeatedly earned the top award in the Greek fraternal systems for academic excellence. Our brotherhood—unique in its membership of men and women—strives to achieves fellowship and unity by perpetuating merit in studies and rigor in tradition. For us, there is no compromise, no uncertainty and no regret. For us, personal and collective strength is of the essence. Our numbers are small but sufficient. We are not an elitist organization. We believe in equality of gender and race. We strive to uphold standards and ethics of the design world and society in general. So if you have the inclination, a love of the arts, and a desire to succeed, seek us out and understand why this brotherhood is forever. More information here.

Current Members

Isabelle Borie

Worthy Architect
Senior – Architecture

Brian Huft

Worthy Associate Architect
Senior – Architecture & Urban Planning

Stephanie Hernandez

Worthy Superintendent &
Fundraising Director
Junior – Interior Design

Sofia Reyes

Worthy Scribe
Junior – Design Studies & Communication

Claire Hinchman

Worthy Clerk
Senior – Architecture

Kelsey O’Brien

Worthy Estimator
Junior – Architecture

Bryce Copenhaver

Worthy Instructor
Sophomore – Landscape Architecture

Rebecca Imig

Worthy Instructor
Senior- Architecture

Evan Parish

Junior – Architecture

Nic Alavi

Graphic Director
Senior – Design Management

Brianna Raya

Recruitment Director
Senior- Interior Design &
Marketing (Minor)

Brittany Cleveland

Alumni Ambassador
Senior- Architecture

Kim Lawson

Philanthropy Director
Junior – Architecture

Kevin Ibañez

Social Director
Senior – Environmental Design

Lilith Jiang

Senior – Landscape Architecture

Ian Birl

Junior – Architecture

Kyra Allen

Sophomore – Interior Design

Gabby Klein

Sophomore- Interior Design

Dempsey Wilken

Sophomore- Interior Design